Reasons to Purchase a Home Laser Cutter

Up until recently, laser cutters were used almost exclusively in factory environments. It is only in recent years that the associated technologies have become popular and affordable enough for home use. The majority of consumers looking into purchasing a laser cutting machine are doing so with the intent of using it for arts, crafts, model-making, and DIY projects. Read on to find out about a few of the reasons so many people are buying home laser cutters below.

Ease of Use

Laser cutters designed for home use are made to be user-friendly. They come with computer software that makes it easy to create designs that can then be cut into the material of choice. All that’s required, once the design has been programmed, is that users place their material correctly and simply push a button to activate the machines.

Improved Affordability

Laser cutters are cheaper than they have ever been, thanks primarily to their entrance into the hobbyist market. Granted, most laser cutters still require an investment of a few thousand dollars for their initial purchase, but those intended for home use are much more affordable than their larger, industrial-scale counterparts.

Incredible Versatility

CO2 laser cutters can process a wide variety of materials, including wood, leather, cloth, acrylic, paper, and some types of non-reflective metal. These machines can typically cut up to a ¼ of an inch in thickness and can be used to etch designs in thicker materials as well. This makes them perfect for everything from creating custom gifts to DIY model-making.

A Durable Option

As the name implies, laser cutters use lasers rather than blades to process materials. Since laser beams can produce the same precision cut innumerable times without suffering wear, they’re perfect for replicating cuts without the risk of damaging equipment. In comparison, blades wear a little bit every time they’re used, which makes it near impossible to perfectly replicate precision designs.

Impressive Precision

Since they’re computer controlled and move automatically without any need of user guidance, laser machines are able to cut designs that would be literally impossible to produce by hand. Since there’s no chance of user error interfering with cutting and engraving, artists and craftsmen can create more products in a shorter period of time with less material waste.