Silica sand making plant

Silica sand making plant

Silica sand making plant

  • Sand maker is the vertical shaft impact crusher. Because the sand making machine is working in bad conditions for long term, this exacerbates the wear of the rotor bearing. Without the wear parts, crusher can't work properly. The wear parts have the irreplaceable in the crusher work. However, it is also easy to damage. Rotor bearing is not only expensive, but the replacement is very difficult, often resulting in losses. How to take effective measures to improve the sand maker service life? This is our customers the most concerned problems in the use. Today, I will introduce several attentions about increase service life of sand maker.
  • First, it is reasonable to adjust the relationship between components. Rotor bearing is mainly bearing the impact load. Rolling load size is not the same. Due to the inner working non-stop rotation, the contact point on the track will not stop cycle. Therefore, the inner ring needs to close cooperation. The outer ring is different. The outer ring is relatively fixed. Stress is the biggest point will stay in a fixed point. So if the outer ring is loose, it is possible to generate small amplitude movement in the impact, thereby increasing the maximum stress point, and prolong the life of the outer ring.
  • Second, improve the balance precision of rotor. Impact crusher’s rotor quality is big and the rotor speed is high. The casting deviation and quality deviation of rotor body will make the rotor has the unbalance centrifugal force when the rotor is in rotation. The centrifugal force makes the machine generate forced vibration, resulting in bearings and other parts damaged. Therefore crusher rotor must do the balance test. If the rotor body diameter is small, we can change the blocking plate quality on both sides of the rotor body to balance. If the rotor diameter is larger, we can put the weight on the rotor on the outer wall of the welding.
  • Third, correctly choose the rotor bearing model. Double row spherical roller bearing has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good aligning performance, so in the selection of the use of this bearing as the rotor bearing. In addition, we also need to improve the stress condition of the crusher bearing.

Wear Reason Of Sand Maker Parts

  • With the development of our foundation construction, we increase the demand of sand making machine. The sand and gravel are the essential materials. And the sand making machine is the indispensable equipment for producing the artificial sand. With the more and more demand of sand maker, the parts wear has been an important problem. The increasing users want to know how to reduce the parts wear, because it will prolong the service life of the machine, and obtain the more benefits.
  • In fact, every machine’s wear is unavoidable. The sand making machine is no exception. The wear parts of sand making machine usually includes the plate hammer, impact plate, shell lining plate and rotor body protection plate. And the wear and failure time of plate hammer is the shortest, and the repair cost is high. Therefore, to solve the wear loss is bearing the brunt of reducing the wear of the board hammer.
  • First of all, the high processing ability of sand making machine has a certain influence on the plate hammer wear. When processing capacity is increased, the particle size of the product will thicken. The crushing ratio decreases, and the unit loss rate of the plate hammer also increase. Changing the discharging gap size to some extent also can change the particle size of the produce. It also has some influence on the plate hammer wear.
  • Secondly, the crushing material also has a multiple effect on the plate hammer. The wear reasons or the influence factors include the material hardness, feed particle size, moisture content and other factors. Influence of the material hardness is the most important. The crushing materials are different, and we should choose the different corresponding sand making machine equipment.
  • The last is the speed effect. Why? The reason is very simple: line speed directly affects the size of impact energy and crushing ratio which are hammer plate to the materials. Then, it will play a decisive role in the product size. The speed size means the production efficiency, the wear speed of parts, the economic benefits and so on.

Influence Factors Of Sand Maker Price

  • In the rapid development of mining machinery products, the price has become one of the main factors in the market competition. I believe that cheap is the most satisfactory and ideal state of the transaction under the condition of market economy for the customer. Similarly, when the customers choose sand maker, good quality and appropriate price can cause the customers desire to buy. In our country, crusher manufacturers are very much. The number universality also makes equipment quality appears the uneven situation. Facing the quality, now, I will tell you the main factors to influence sand making machine price. Hope that it will be useful for you.
  • The Price Of Steel

  • Steel is the main raw material. The raw materials prices ascension leads to the changes of sand making machine market price. It is also instability. Price fluctuations are relatively large.
  • The Worker Wage

  • Now the technical workers in workshop are always difficult to recruit. We were unable to reduce artificial cost. Nowadays, the level of consumption is on the rise. The workers' welfare should be guaranteed. This is why although the price of the sand making machine is not stable enough, the price is always the upward trend.
  • The National Policy

  • Our country highway and railway construction have entered a period of rapid development. This is bound to promote the rapid growth of sand making machine market. Its high investment also provides the adequate economic guarantee for the sand making machine market. According to the national industrial policy, our country focuses on supporting the development of energy, transportation and raw materials and other basic industries. As a pillar of these basic industries, mining machinery should be given the priority to be the focus of state support. Various factors will increase the sand making machine and other mining machinery demand. Increased demand will further promote the rising prices.
  • Supply And Demand

  • The supply and demand of sand making machine is also an important factor. When the supply and demand are out of balance, its price will be up or down.

Influence Factors Of Sand Maker Efficiency

  • Host: Sand making machine is also called the vertical shaft impact crusher. It is the essential equipment for most of the industries. For the influence factors of sand maker efficiency, we all are concerned. And many people have asked me this question. So today, we invite the crusher expert—Mr. Wang to take part in the interview. Welcome Mr. Wang to give us a detailed introduction about the influence factors of sand making machine efficiency.
  • Mr. Wang: Hello, everyone. I’m happy to participate in the interview. Hope you have a nice day!
  • Host: Sand making machine has an important role in the foundation construction. Can you first introduce it for us?
  • Mr. Wang: OK. I’m glad. At present, the sand making machine has very widely used, such as metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. Highway construction is inseparable from the large number of high-quality aggregate supply. And the natural sand stone is already in short supply. High quality artificial sand is less limited by the natural conditions, and applied wider and wider.
  • Host: So what factors will influence sand making machine efficiency?
  • Mr. Wang: There are many factors to affect the work efficiency. The material property, the crusher parts, the routine maintenance and so on. The different sand stone has a great impact on the sand making machine work efficiency. The material’s hardness, composition, viscosity, moisture and finished product particle size all will affect jaw crusher’s work efficiency. I believe that many people are familiar with the material influence. So select the crusher, you must choose the suitable machine.
  • Host: I heard that the groove angle of sand making machine also has an effect on the work efficiency, doesn’t it?
  • Mr. Wang: Yes, it does. The groove angle not only decides the subsidence area, but also influences the stirring degree. So it will affect the quality of the overflow. If the groove angle is small, then, the sand making machine’s subsidence area is large and the fine sand return content increases. On the contrary, if the groove angle is big, the sand making machine’s subsidence area is small and the fine sand return content reduces. Of course, after the sand making machine installation, the inclination is not change, only adapt to the fixed angle in operating conditions.
  • Host: Thanks Mr. Wang.
  • Mr. Wang: You are welcome.

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