Artificial Sand Making Machine

Artificial Sand Making Machine

Artificial Sand Making Machine

  • Hello, everybody. I¡¯m the best machine for sand making industry. People call me Artificial sand making machine or sand maker. I have another name: vertical shaft impact crusher. I am short for VSI. I am one kind of crushers. Maybe you are strange with me. That¡¯s OK. I will make a self-introduction about the automatic protection device of sand making machine. Help you to remember me.
  • My application is very wide. You can see my shadow in metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. With the development of science and technology, my technology level is also increasing. The appearance of automatic protection device makes you really relaxed.
  • Through automatic detection alarm device, the operation staff can easily find the problem, and protect the machine. The automation technology makes that the safety performance of the equipment is greatly improved. In the operation, if there is the abnormal operation, it will automatically alarm and automatically makes the machine stop running, to effectively guarantee the safety of the machine. The customer using VSI sand making machine will be more satisfied.
  • Automatic protection device is equivalent to a security monitor. But it is absolutely better than artificial. It is more effective, more competent and save money. Personnel are also tired and the rest of the time. But the automatic protection device can work in all weather and sleepless. Human can never achieve this level and the accuracy and safety degree.
  • It can be said that this device give us many benefits. We don't always have to monitor the running state. This can greatly reduce the human spirit consumption and the labor consumption. The most important equipment in a system of sand production line is the sand making machine. Its price is high. The operation and maintenance both are in need of a certain technical knowledge. In the protection of automatic protection device, it can greatly improve work efficiency, save the time cost and investment cost.
  • This is my self-introduction. Do you understand about the automatic protection device of sand making machine. Please remember I¡¯m sand making machine, and I¡¯m also the vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI).

Sand Making Machine Current Development China

  • Sand making machine is also called vertical shaft impact crusher. It is short for VSI crusher. It has the VSI (VSI4X) and VSI5X type. Now, some famous manufactures create the VSI6X crusher. With the development of sand making industry, the sand making machine is becoming the essential equipment. So, how about the Sand making machine current development in China? Let¡¯s discuss together.
  • With the rapid development of domestic economy, the construction industry has gradually developed a strong. Sand and gravel as one of the most important basic materials in the construction industry, is an indispensable and irreplaceable in terms of construction. Therefore, at present, sand making machine status is can not be underestimated in China.
  • Compared with the foreign advanced sand making machine, domestic sand making machine still has a gap with them. On the one hand, this is because of the different environment. On the other hand, this illustrates that the domestic sand machine industry is relatively backward. In the increasingly fierce competition market environment, the sand making machine manufacturers with a big scale begin to learn foreign advanced technology, and enhance their own R & D capability. While some of the smaller sand making machine manufacturers have been annexed or decline.
  • Our sand machine industry also has a great advantage. The domestic labor cost is relatively cheap. There are a lot of manufacturers to produce sand machine. In the competition, each manufacturer¡¯s competition consciousness and network marketing consciousness have been greatly improved. So, many manufacturers restrict each other, and do not appear the a few manufacturers monopoly situation.
  • In the competition, the performance of the equipment and after-sales service for all manufacturers are more perfect. Through the study of the international advanced technology, several manufacturers boldly stand up. Then, they will continue to lead the industry to the development of high-tech.
  • So, the current development of sand making machine in China is positive. Many manufacturers are trying to improve the machine¡¯s competitiveness, and make efforts to connect with the world advanced technology.

Sand Making Machine Current Development Abroad

  • For a long time, the rapid development of artificial sand market drives the need of sand making machine. Sand making equipment, including crushing, screening, cleaning machinery, has been the hot machinery. The vertical shaft impact crusher has been synonymous with the sand making machine. It has almost replaced the sand function of other type crushers.
  • Over the years, the world sand machine is in the rapid development. From the stone hit stone to the stone hit iron, from closed impeller to open impeller, from the periphery and central feeding to the concentration center feeding, changes in impeller flow channel quantity, the open impeller guide plate shape changes and so on, sand making machine has been going on the development road.
  • In the world, the famous sand making machine manufacturers are mostly concentrated in Europe and the United states. They are creating the advanced sand making machine. Do you want to know the sand making machine current development in abroad? Understanding the foreign development is beneficial to make our future development plant.
  • In foreign countries, the sand making machine has the wider and wider application scope. The previous VSI sand making machine is mainly used in third and fourth grade of sand making process. Now, the design of open impeller allows that the maximum feed particle size can up to 150-180mm. This makes that the VSI sand making machine can be used in the two crushing process. It maybe replaces the traditional two crushing machinery.
  • Sand making machine has the longer and longer service life, such as the internal and external knife of closed impeller, upper and lower liner, open impeller guide plate, impact plate and so on. At the same time of changing the parts shape, they use the new wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic coating and tungsten composite. Outer knife of closed impeller¡¯s service life can reach more than 700H.
  • The dust pollution is less and less. In the requirements of environmental protection, European manufacturers have to increase the dust control settings, as far as possible to reduce the dust pollution of sand making machine in operation.

Sand Making Machine Intelligent Development

  • China is a big manufacturing country. All kinds of mechanical fields have developed by leaps and bounds. Sand making machine is an important category in the field of industrial machinery. Its technology is on the way to the forefront of the world. At present, the domestic level of the sand making machine has the advantages of high performance, high reliability, and beautiful appearance. With the development of automation in various industries is increasingly popular in China, intelligence has become the mainstream of industrial development direction. This is the progress of the times, but also the economic development needs.
  • Through optimizing the process flow, sand making machine has the crushing performance with the excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, open pit mining. Through the combination of different models, it can form a powerful crushing operation line, and complete more demands¡¯ processing work. Sand making machine has the advantages of advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient repair and use, low operating cost, and stable and reliable working. Sand making machine series will have a big development space in the mining machinery industry in china.
  • With the development of information technology, the automatic mining or remote mining is developed to the advanced "no man's mine". The core of the former is the traditional mining process automation. The main technical characteristics of the latter is the integration of sensor and detecting and monitoring system, intelligent mining equipment, high-speed digital communication network, and the new mining process. Sand making machine is expected to enter the era of full automation.
  • In China, everywhere is on the expansion of construction, particularly in the real estate, highway, water conservancy project etc.. They all have a big demand on the stone sand. Sometimes, in the highway construction, if there is not available sand nearby, sand making machine can use the available local materials. It can crush the near limestone, marble stones or pebbles to use sand. This not only saves the buying cost, can also be flexible to get the sand.
  • Through independent innovation, developing the digital, intelligent, ecological and pleasant mining machinery, sand making machine will has a great process. The great development of intelligence will promotes the all-round development of the economy in china.

Future Market Demand Of Sand Maker

  • Entering in twenty-first Century, China's sand making machine production and sales begin to be substantial growth. Adding sand making machine production enterprises are increasing. At present, sand making machine manufacturing enterprises are up to more than 1000, and basically form the complete sand making machine manufacturing system with independent development and production. Compared with the international advanced level, the technical level gap is gradually narrowing.
  • Sand making machine plays an irreplaceable role for in all kinds of ores. It is currently sand making machine equipment with the most effective, practical and reliable. With the development of science and technology, the performance of sand making machine tends to be perfect. Its market is more and more broad. Sand making machine has the advantages of running stable and reliable performance, process simplification, simple, compact and reasonable structure, convenient replacement and maintenance. So the future market demand of sand making machine will be more and more the.
  • Facing the situation that our infrastructure construction is rapid development, in a large degree, it will promote the demand of sand maker. At present, the rapid development of the national infrastructure opens a huge market of sand and aggregate demand. Natural and high quality building sand aggregate will be welcomed by the sand and stone market. Infrastructure projects are increasing demand for sand and gravel. The quality requirements are also more stringent. In the face of market development situation, the sand making machine will be needed. In the future, the sand maker will be innovated, and it will be more popular.
  • However, the natural sand resources are in shortage, and far less than the current infrastructure materials demand. A lot of projects urgently need to be started. Mineral resources production and processing urgently need to research and develop the new and efficient large crushing and grinding equipment. Therefore using the new system sand making machine is one of the methods to solve the shortage of resources. So, we can say that the market demand of sand making machine will be increasing in the future.

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