Small jaw crusher manufacturers

Small jaw crusher manufacturers


Here will introduce a kind of structure design of self-study tooth jaw plate. Through weakening the tooth valley way, it will make the tooth peak and valley synchronous tooth wear. In the wearing process, it will have self-repair tooth shape from first to last play tooth structure function.

Jaw Crusher Plate Current Situation Analysis:

Jaw crusher plate is the important part for the crusher machine. Plate is the first project to be solved in the crusher machine technology improvement steps. It can improve this from the following aspects: jaw plate material and manufacturing technology; jaw plate geometric construction and shape of gear tooth peak, valley.

New Jaw Crusher Plate Design Structure:

The new design jaw crusher plate will be through the weakening tooth valley to make the tooth peak and valley be worn at the same time. In the wearing process, it can be fixed by itself and it can keep the tooth structure be the same.

This new type of jaw crusher plate will improve the plate whole structure strength and it has the self-repair function and crushing function. Under the hole state, it has screening function. The material hit material crushing process will be very useful for the production line.


This plate can be self-repair and it can optimize the jaw plate thickness. Under the same pressure on the materials, the crusher machine will have larger pressure intensity and the crushing efficiency is higher. If thickening the jaw plate, the residue ratio will be less and it can improve the material application rate. The numbers of the holes can improve the contact area between the jaw plate with fire and water. It can improve the quenching degree and then improve the jaw plate hardness and wear-resistant feature. It can prolong the jaw plate service lifetime.

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