Cone crusher spare parts

Cone crusher spare parts

Cone crusher spare parts

  • Many cone crusher users want to know the wear reason of cone crusher wearing parts. In fact, the wear parts mainly contain the wear and damage of the main shaft and cone sleeve, the eccentric shaft sleeve and straight bushing wear and damage, thrust disc and the gear wear and damage, the frame and the spherical bearing wear and damage. If we know the wear reasons, we can avoid them and reduce the investment cost.
  • Wear And Damage Of The Main Shaft And Cone Sleeve

  • In the crushing machine normal work conditions, main shaft and cone sleeve has obvious wear print in the cone sleeve upper down at about 400mm height. The conical bushing, due to spindle neck it along the tapered bearing length from top to bottom is gradually reduced. But the gap is gradually increased from the top to the bottom. This shows that the upper cone sleeve bearing capacity is very high, so the main shaft and the conical bushing in the upper wear print heavier.
  • Eccentric Sleeve And The Straight Bushing Wear And Damage

  • A fault of cone crusher straight bushing crack phenomenon also often appears. It is mainly due to zinc alloy straight bushing and the frame of the center hole of the fall. This makes the two surfaces loose, and a small amount of interference is caused by loose surface. Because the frame center hole deformation so that the mating surface loose. After loosening, sometimes straight bushing will channeling. Appear in the gap between two surfaces. On the eccentric sleeve of the impact, it will produce crack.
  • Thrust Disc And The Gear Wear And Damage

  • In the crushing machine operation, due to there is a larger gap between the eccentric sleeve and the straight bushing, this will cause that the gear pitch cone top does not intersect at one point. This makes the gear generating additional impact vibration and additional wear in the process of running gear, resulting in shortened life expectancy.
  • The Frame And The Spherical Bearing Wear And Damage

  • This wear reason mainly is the conical surface and the cylindrical mating surfaces, and the lower frame body wear and damage. Then, it directly affects the normal work and service life of cone crusher.

Influence Factors Of Cone Crusher Efficiency

  • Cone crusher is an important crushing machine in mine processing equipment. There are many factors that will influence the cone crusher work efficiency. If in the normal production process, we can pay attention to these influence factors, then, I believe that your work efficiency will be improved. The following is the detailed introduction about the influence factors of cone crusher work efficiency.
  • The Crushing Cavity Shape

  • Cavity crusher is the combination of working space that is composed of the movable cone and the fixed cone. The crushing cavity directly impacts the crusher productivity, product grain shape and size, and the crusher wear. The good crushing cavity shape can make the uniform production granularity with the cubic shape.
  • The Property Of The Material

  • The material’s hardness, composition, viscosity, moisture and finished product particle size all will affect jaw crusher’s work efficiency. The hard material is more difficult to be crushed, and the equipment wear is more severe. The broken rate is slow, of course, crushing capacity is small. Finished product fineness is high, and the crushing efficiency is smaller. Material with the big viscosity is more easily adhesion.
  • The Crusher Work Parameters

  • Crusher working parameters have direct effects on the material movement characteristics. It mainly the crusher spindle rotation swing speed effect on the motion state of materials, and then have an important impact to the crusher performance, such as the productivity and crushing product grain size distribution.
  • The Crushing Cavity Swinging Stroke

  • The crushing cavity swinging stroke is also an important influence factor of cone crusher efficiency. It has an important influence on the crusher performance. When add the swing stroke, the actual compression ratio of each crushing layer is increasing, crushing product quality is improving, and calibration nesting grain is increasing. When reduce the swing stroke, each crushing layer’s actual feed compression ratio decreases, the crushed product quality is in deterioration, and calibration discharge size reduces. From improving crushing product quality to considering, each crushing layer stroke of crushing cavity is also taking the larger value, but must not be too shredding and compaction phenomena.

Increase Service Life Of Cone Crusher

  • With the continuous development of cone crusher industry, it has this position that can not be ignored in the production. Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical and other industries have a space for one person in the use of cone crusher. The use of long cycle of cone crusher, can greatly reduce production line production costs, and improve the whole line production efficiency. So, how to increase the service life of cone crusher? This each enterprise and cone crusher purchase units need to seriously face the problem. Today, we analyze the methods.
  • The service life of cone crusher is short. A big part of the reason is that the operating personnel is not standard. The incorrect operation will lead a serious consequence. The wear parts will be worn seriously. The important parts will be destroyed. The investment cost will increase. The economic benefit will reduce. The service life of cone crusher will decrease and so on. So the right operation is so vital.
  • The maintenance of cone crusher is very important. Before starting, we need to check the situation of lubrication system, breaking regional cone, tighten degree of correction belt, and the fastening screws. Timely check the wear parts situation. For the cone crusher maintenance, inspect the wear situation of contact point between taper sleeve and cone crusher spindle. If there is more than 3mm gap, or find the spindle cracks, we should replace the spindle in a timely manner. After running without load for 1-2 minutes, we can feed. Normal maintenance is a necessary measure to prolong the service life of cone crusher. We should do a good job in these details, to complete our production.
  • For the hydraulic cone crusher, we should pay attention to the protection of the hydraulic. We must be cleaned regularly and periodically the hydraulic cavity. This makes that the cone crusher is operating at maximum, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. For those commonly used stone production line equipment bearings and components, we must regularly add the lubricating oil, so as to avoid increasing friction and damage the cone crusher.

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