Ball Mill For Gold

Ball Mill For Gold

Ball Mill For Gold

  • Host: Ball mill is widely used in black, non-ferrous metal mining, non-metallic mining, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, coal, traffic, light industry and other industrial sectors. With the development of our society, ball mill is developing. Improving the ball mill’s work efficiency is the current development focus. So today, we invite the grinding machine expert—Mr. Wang. Welcome Mr. Wang to give us a detailed introduction about the influence factors of ball mill efficiency!
  • Mr. Wang: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m glad to stand here, and share my learning about ball mill. Hope you will have a nice time!
  • Host: We know that the influence factors of ball mill efficiency must have many. So, Mr. Wang, can you first introduce the whole situation simply?
  • Mr. Wang: I think it is very necessary. In fact, every factor related with the production will have an important effect on the work efficiency. For example: speed, lining board type, the liner material, grinding material, grinding media properties, filling rate, grinding ball ratio and mill type etc.. In addition, the material feature, manual operation, and the routing maintenance will affect the efficiency.
  • Host: How does the ball mill’s speed influence the efficiency? I think that it must have an important role.
  • Mr. Wang: Yes. The ball mill speed directly determines the efficiency of ball mill. Improving the speed of ball mill can directly improve the work efficiency of ball mill. Therefore, we can install the speed regulating device to appropriately improve the speed of the ball mill. Then, it can improve the work efficiency of ball mill in a certain extent. In addition, the installation of frequency converter has the similar efficacy. The steel ball diameter is one of the factors influencing the work efficiency of ball mill. Each ball size is not identical. They can achieve the more sufficient grinding for ores, thereby improving the working efficiency of ball mill.
  • Host: Oh. After listening to the introduction, we know that there are factors to influence the ball mill’s efficiency. Thank you, Mr. Wang! Look forward to your next coming!
  • Mr. Wang: You are welcome. Hope to have the opportunity.

Influence Factors Of Ball Mill Price

  • Ball mill is also the key grinding equipment. Its application is very wide. So many users will pay close attention to ball mill price. Then, what factors will influence the ball mil price? I believe that this is our concern. So in order to service the users, next, I will introduce some influence factors of ball mill price. Hope it will help you solve your problems.
  • Material Selection

  • In the manufacture of ball mill, most of the materials are the iron and steel raw materials, and other auxiliary. Because in the domestic market, steel price range is too large, it directly affects the production cost of ball mill. Then, lead to price changes greatly. On the other hand, some of the material needs to be purchased from abroad. In the transportation process, this will delay the machine production, resulting in the domestic market for shortage. When the supply of ball mill is insufficient, the price will be relatively increased. On the contrary, it is falling.
  • The Labor Cost

  • With the continuous development of the economy, workers living standards are increasing. Such as: in the ball mill machinery industry, the prices sharp rise. The main reason is the labor cost accounts for a large part of the ball mill profits. Therefore, in order to keep the production costs of ball mill, many manufacturers improve the mill price.
  • Market Demand

  • The market demand is a very important influence factors. The relationship between supply and demand directly affects the price fluctuations of ball mill. When the market appears the oversupply situation, the price of ball mill will decline.
  • Ball Mill Type

  • Ball mill has many different types. Different types and different specifications, then, the price certainly is not same. Because some parts will be different, the use of materials and technology also will be the difference. This causes the different kinds price of ball mill. The users should be according to their own needs for the selection of the most appropriate model. Hope everyone knows that price is not the only vital factors.

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